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The Society practices every Wednesday in London at 12, 10 and 8 bell towers.

Practices start at 1830 and finish at 2000. We always follow this with a visit to a nearby hostelry for liquid refreshment.

All members and visitors are welcome to any of the practices listed here. If you have any questions contact the Senior Steward who will be able to advise and make you welcome on the night - it's always helpful to know in advance when people are visiting and we may be able to suggest certain methods that you might like to revise and give you local intelligence for access arrangements.

See the links below to find out where we are ringing and socialising, what we ring and a few things to bear in mind if you are visiting.

Practice List
What we ring
Bringing a visitor

Standard Methods Rung at Practices

12 bell practices

Stedman Cinques.
Ariel, Avon, Bristol, CambridgeOrion as single methods and Spliced.
Incorporating Cambridge, Yorkshire, Bristol and adding Newgate for some Spliced.
The Master adds, "In a 90 minute 12 bell practice it is often difficult to fit everything in, so I would appreciate feedback from those who regularly attend Wednesday night practices as well as hearing about people's individual aspirations I may have no knowledge of".

10 bell practices

Stedman Caters.
"Standard 8" methods singularly and spliced.
See the front page for any special methods, or contact the Senior Steward.

8 bell practices

Stedman Triples.
Methods from the "Standard 8".
See the front page for any special methods, or contact the Senior Steward.

Bringing a visitor

Members are encouraged to bring prospective members to our Wednesday night practices. Our practices provide a good opportunity to showcase the Society and what we are all about and for people to meet us.

To ensure that visitors get the most out of coming to a practice, consider carefully when it is best to come along and contact the Senior Steward for advice on what you can expect to ring. It's always good if visitors can stay for a drink afterwards to meet a few people.

Visitors do not need to be accompanied - so if you are reading this and would like to come along, please do.

We look forward to welcoming you to a practice soon.